Hospital Negligence

The purpose of a hospital is clear – to care for those suffering from an injury or illness. Unfortunately, all too often hospitals themselves become the site of further injury. “Hospital malpractice” is a term used to refer to incidents in which hospitals cause injury through negligent or improper treatment or care. Any improper action by a staff member of a hospital, from a doctor to a nurse to admitting staff, pharmacists, and technicians, can be considered hospital malpractice.

Statistics point to up to 100,000 annual deaths as the result of errors committed in the hospital, though issues such as self-reporting and underreporting make reliable statistics hard to come by. Common forms of hospital malpractice include improper and mistaken diagnoses, failure to diagnose, botched lab reports or x-ray interpretations, failure to order the proper diagnostic tests, incorrect administration of drugs or treatment, failure to treat a patient at all, etc. In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to in-hospital infections, which can arise from substandard care. The long-term ramifications of hospital malpractice vary from patient to patient, but can range from a slight injury to long-term disability and even death.

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