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Don Miguel Escamilla, Attorney at Law PLLC

I concentrate my practice in the areas of catastrophic, life-altering personal injuries. These include wrongful death cases, birth injuries, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries and nursing home/elder abuse cases.

My law firm is focused on obtaining meaningful financial compensation that will enable victims of negligence to move ahead with their lives. The skills of a medical malpractice lawyer practicing in the Rio Grande Valley are especially needed when a claim has complex legal rules involving multiple parties or when one of the defendants is a local government agency.

Personal injury claims can be complex and while I settle the majority of my cases I prepare each one as if I was going to trial. One of my acknowledged strong points is my ability to clearly appraise and communicate the financial price tag your accident or injury will incur over time. I have access to forensic accountants and other well-respected experts who can estimate all expenses that you will incur including the total income that will be lost due to the inability to work.

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I am an attorney who is passionate about representing those who have suffered injury because of the negligence of others. In this regard I apply a thorough approach to cases to ensure the case is brought to trial, or the settlement table, as soon as possible.

I am aware of the stall tactics of large corporate attorney damage mitigation teams and ensure they are not allowed drag our cases out. I fully understand the financial need my clients have and I am proud to work hard to represent their interests as their personal injury lawyer.


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